Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paper Bag Eggs: A Classic Camping Recipe

I really don't know what's more delicious than this.

Am I the only one who looks at this photo of an egg cooked in a bed of bacon in a paper bag and thinks it is possibly the most delicious-looking thing in the world?  In fact, I think the photo above is a tad blurry because my hands were shaking in anticipation of eating my creation, and having to fight the children off at the same time. Back! Back!

Mmm. Paper Bag Eggs. My non-camping friends may think it odd that I obsess over ways to cook an egg without a pan, but don't they know that one could be stuck in the wilderness at any moment with nothing but a dozen perfectly unscathed eggs and a paper bag? It could happen!

Another benefit of the Paper Bag Egg is that, whilst cooking, it can burst into flames at any moment and children really enjoy this.

An expertly positioned PBE.

Here's how it's done:

Paper Bag Eggs 

Serves:  1

2 strips of fatty bacon
1 egg
salt & pepper, hot sauce and catsup
1 paper lunch bag
1 green, pointy stick

1.  Cut both bacon strips in half, giving you 4 pieces. Line the bottom of the paper lunch bag with the bacon to make a nice, fatty bacon nest for the egg.
2.  Crack an egg into the nest.


3.  Fold the top of the paper bag down carefully 2 times and poke a hole through the thick part with the stick. (Use a knife or scissors to make the hole first.)
4.  Carefully hold the bag over the fire so the bacon cooks slowly and the fat melts.  This makes an oily paper and bacon “skillet” for the egg. Take care and keep cooking it until the egg is done. 
5.  Eat it out of the bag … but put it on a plate!  If you put it on your knee it will ruin your pants. I learned this the hard way.
6.  Serve with salt & pepper, catsup & hot sauce. But it really doesn't need anything at all, it's that delicious.

Bon app├ętit my friends, and have fun!

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  1. Oh, my God! I never try it. But looks fabulous.

  2. It is so good, elena. And if the fire is low enough, you can put the bag right on the grill! This is great for people like me who are too lazy to hold a stick.

  3. Yummers! Ooooh, I can't wait to share this with my kids. hope the bag doesn't catch fire. or maybe i do :) We WERE supposed to go camping last week, and wouldn't you know it, its a drought and the day we picked is the only day its rained in weeks. Gonna try again this weekend. Wish us luck!!!

  4. Nicki Woo! Can't wait to hear about your adventure.

  5. I have cooked a Turkey in the oven at home in a paper bag that was all buttered up but this is the best dishwashing secret yet. No pan, just burn it.


    1. @Rick I think i'm going to do this with all my food from now on. ;)

  6. We have put a hash brown or two on the bacon, before the egg and it is YUMMY!!!!

  7. wow..great idea! i love camping but i'm very new to it. thanks for the idea. we will have to try this.

  8. We went camping for the 4th of July holiday at the Elk Neck State Park in North East, MD. This recipe was on the menu but my husband was not a believer. He was convinced the whole thing would go up in flames. Luckily for us he was wrong. The entire idea was a success. We added two eggs to the bags instead of one--I had four hungry teenagers to feed.Also we placed the bags on a grill grate instead of using the sticks. This recipe is a keeper and will become a tradition on our yearly camping trips.

  9. how long you cook it for?

  10. This is awesome, can't wait to try it this summer!

  11. This is a fantastic idea. Can't wait to go camping.