Friday, November 13, 2020

The Real Family Camping Cookbook - The Inspiration Behind the Book

I'm excited to announce that The Real Family Camping Cookbook is now out in paperback! This book is my personal "bible" of go-to recipes and meal plans we use on our camping trips! I put it together over the years camping with my kids, and I'm really happy to be able to offer it in paper, and at the right size (6x9) to toss into a backpack or the car for outdoor getaways!

The funny thing is, I never went camping when I was little. My People didn't camp - they drank coffee and did crossword puzzles! (Not that you can't do both.) So the camping bug didn't bite me until high school. My high school had two (TWO!) mandatory camping trips every year (EVERY YEAR!) - one in the fall and one in the spring. By the time I’d muddled through a couple of these – with all the wrong gear - I knew how to pack light and overlook the misery of a wet sleeping bag. The bare essentials! 

On these school camping trips, the teachers fed us exclusively on big hunks of Vermont cheddar, and hot, lumpy bowls of Wheatina (an aggressively bland hot cereal, if you've never had it). All washed down with murky stream water! A few microbes are good for you!

My revenge took the shape of marshmallows many years later when I took my own kids camping - I always made sure we had fun and delicious food on our trips! And The Real Family Camping Cookbook grew out of our hilarious food experiments on those family trips – I was constantly trying out new dishes on the kids and then writing them down for the next time. That way I would remember to pack for our favorites, like Monkey Bread and the eternally popular Paper Bag Eggs.

Paper Bag Eggs! It's a tradition!

So, that’s how this book was born – part Little House on the Prairie, part science experiment, and part adventure... and my sincere hope that readers and campers have as much fun around the fire as we do. 

You can find the book on Amazon (also available as an ebook), and I would love to hear what you think! You can DM me on Instagram or Facebook, drop a comment here, or, if you're so moved, leave an honest review on Amazon.  Thank you and happy camping! Maggie

When kids make their own foil packets - they eat veggies!