Friday, June 17, 2011

Pete's All-Time Favorite Father's Day Gift

I was reminded by a friend to ask Pete his favorite Father's Day present of all time. To my surprise he answered that it was this commemorative groundhog plate.

I like how Pete looks a little scared in this picture.
I bought this plate at the Goodwill in Croton-On-Hudson, NY.  It was part of a seemingly complete set of woodland creature plates, but at four bucks a pop the set would have totaled about sixty bucks. So I chose the obviously best one, the noble groundhog, and proceeded on my way. That night I kicked myself for cheaping out and not splurging on the complete set. So the next day I sped back over to the Goodwill. Alas, the plates were gone! Another family had snapped them up and were probably displaying them in their living room (minus the groundhog). So let this be a lesson to all of us: when you find a complete set of commemorative wildlife plates, buy them all.

Nonetheless, because Pete is quite a groundhog enthusiast the plate was a big hit all by itself and has a proud place of honor somewhere around here under all the stuff.

Happy Father's Day to all!

And thanks for the great question,  PlaygroundDad !

PS. Fellow groundhog lovers should check out the gardening blog, LifeInTheGarden. That gardener also likes groundhogs, in spite of the fact that they eat everything.


  1. Of course you know, with the complete set you'd be telling this story on Antiques Roadshow... nodding in approval as one of the Keno brothers announces "We've never seen a complete collection like this in such good condition. Do you know how much this would go for at auction?"

    We must find that family.

  2. Yes, cj, we do need the complete set. Maybe if I start collecting now by next father's day ... shh, it'll be a surprise...