Sunday, November 4, 2012

Retro Camping Recipe: Campfire Fondue

One of the last things I would consider making on a camping trip is fondue: think about all the tiny, little bugs flying into the pot! But according to Betty Crocker, it's quite practical. All it takes (according to Betty) is a can of soup and a block of cheese - then you can dip whatever you want into it. In Betty's view, that means "Zebra Bread" (doable), apple wedges, canned vienna sausages (haha, OK, Betty) and canned potatoes (ick).

I don't know if it's the can of cheese soup or the Tahitian Treat in the photo, but count me in as a convert. Next camping trip we're definitely having fondue!

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  1. I thought a fondue was quite a good idea, until you raised the issues of bugs....and then I thought to myself "Oh yeah....that would not be good". But I do love a fondue - a chocolate one!

  2. Actually, my camping friends have informed me that it's pretty common to make fondue on the trail! Who knew?! I'm going to try it, bugs n all. :)