Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Retro Camping Recipe: Grilled Rice Pudding!

Dessert Under the Stars.  'nuff said.  
Last year my sister gave my older son, who likes to cook, a huge box of old Betty Crocker recipe cards for his birthday and I stole them from him, because that's the kind of parent I am.  It turned out that a whole section was devoted to camping and grilling recipes or, as Betty C. calls them, "Foods That Go Places"!

Now, if you like rice pudding with canned peaches and maraschino cherries - and who doesn't? - imagine how much better it'll taste fresh off the grill!  Mmm!

Dates add a nutritional twist to this recipe.

All mockery aside, this recipe looks pretty good - not too many ingredients, easy instructions.  It's the maraschino cherries that scare me.  I think they did a study ... involving rats ... anyway, it wasn't good.  But you can always substitute some of those green cherries they put in fruit cake.  Kidding.


  1. Mmmmm! Tasty, AND funny! Perfect!

  2. I love your comments and suggestions with the recipes you've been posting.

    My family and I are going camping Memorial Day weekend. I downloaded a copy of your Real Family Camping Cookbook and can't wait!

  3. i want to see those cards! love the post.

  4. thanks jm. so many to choose from, hard to decide. maybe the one with the most food coloring?

  5. I have this set of recipe cards that were passed to me from my mother (I'm not sure where she got them). I've used several of the recipes from this collection and love to look at the pictures on all of them. It always reminds me of my mom and my childhood. (BTW, the Yankee Casserole recipe is great!) :)