Monday, October 10, 2011

Nature Walk 10/9/11

Lots of grasshoppers in this meadow.

We went on another nice nature walk this past weekend at Teatown Lake Reservation, with gorgeous weather. The tall grass was full of big, green grasshoppers jumping here and there and hawks were circling in the big, blue sky.

This sign pretty much says it all.

No matter which way you go, there you are.

Climbing T Rock

T Rock is an important milestone on our walk - actually, it's about half a mile into the trail.

Hawk's nest, way up - can you see it?

Something fell out of a tree, and when we looked up, we saw a big hawk's nest ...

Leftovers under Hawk's tree

And at our feet, we saw what had fallen - a bit of leftover squirrel.

Walking ahead

Our 7-year-old walks way ahead of us on the trail. He would walk a mile ahead if we didn't call him back from time to time.

Burnt by lightning

We found a big chunk of burnt wood, from a tree struck and burned by lightning.

Our new pet - Sally the salamander

This little guy came home with us. He was kind of dehydrated so we gave him a little aqua home to relax in. Once he got wet again he wanted to escape, so we released him into the woods. Our 4-year-old gave him a big stick to protect himself with.


  1. great pictures! A lot of animal friends this trip!

  2. Yeah! I took pictures of the hawks in the sky, too, but they just look like little specks.

  3. Great pictures. It sounds like the family had a great time. The squirrel, though... oh my gosh!

  4. Looks like fun, I miss Teatown! Such a beautiful place.

  5. I know, poor guy. I hope it was swift and painless. Probly wasn't though.

  6. Looks like a fun nature walk. I like Sally the Salamander!

  7. Hey Tiffany! Yeah, good old Sally. She had a lot of personality. :)

  8. hey great picture....
    particularly the lizard....:)

    Camp Stove

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Samuel!