Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall nature walk

Here are some shots from our nature walk this past Sunday at Teatown Lake Reservation. Amazing how a forty-five minute amble through the woods with your kids can be the highlight of an entire week. Is the Hudson River School of artists still accepting applications?

Up the path

From the middle of a mostly dried-up brook
A little bushwhacking is good for the soul ... and the appetite!

The meadow - full of grasshoppers and crickets

Our walk spills out into a wide open meadow, full of grasshoppers and crickets. You can't tell from the picture, but they were zigging and zagging every which way - some even seemed to have propellers! Where do they go in the winter? Any ideas?

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  1. That is a good question. Eggs lay dormant for about ten months over autumn and winter, then the Nymph lasts about two months and the adult phase only about 30 days, I would assume over the summer.

    1. 3 months!? I'd be hopping all over the place, too - I guess a grasshopper has to make the most of things! Thanks for the info, Benjamin. :)

  2. i love the sound that crickets and hoppers make, reminds me of summer day coming to an end. Not sure why but it evokes those sort of memories! :)